Our People

Freda Barbayannis | CEO
Currently Managing Pharmacist at Star Pharmacy Kew

Freda spent the first 10 years of her working life dedicated to Medical Research. Whilst completing her PhD at The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research, Freda was involved in breakthrough research that resulted in her work being published in leading Medical Journals such as Nature. Her work was well received internationally where Freda travelled to various leading research facilities in the United States and United Kingdom to present her findings and liaise with experts in her field. Most of Freda’s research was within the Pharmaceutical Industry where her main focus was to identify new molecules with the potential to be Therapeutic Medicines for untreatable conditions.

Following her research career Freda turned her focus to Community Pharmacy, first working as a Pharmacist for others before deciding to own her own business in 2007. Over 5 years Freda gained the knowledge and experience that led to the launch of Star Pharmacy in mid-2012. Her passion for the industry is infectious as anyone who has dealt with her would let you know.

Highlights have been
- Launch of our flagship store in Kew
- Developing an infrastructure that allows for the continual improvement of the business
- Developing a broad marketing plan that helps us communicate to our local communities
- Developing a culture where every team member has a strong focus on excellence

My aim is to bring pharmacy back to its core roots of Health Care by providing Better Health Solutions. Our focus for the rest of the year is to transform all our stores to be a true representation of Star Pharmacy so that all our community members can experience and benefit from what our model has to offer.

“Outside of the office I enjoy good food, good wine and great company. In a world that is so time poor I treasure my time with my children and family. It is my family and friends that keep me well-grounded and are my inspiration in creating a perfect Pharmacy Model. I listen to their needs, concerns and draw on their wishes so that we may offer better health solutions….I believe in keeping it real and relevant as only then good things may follow.”


Amelia Treeby | HR

Amelia has worked for Star Pharmacy as their HR Advisor since October 2012. In her role, Amelia is solely responsible for providing effective and timely Human Resources advice to all management levels across the group.

Prior to joining Star, Amelia has worked in a variety of roles including Retail Management, Payroll and Human Resources at organisations including Coles Liquor Group, Grocon and Nationwide Towing & Transport. What drew her to the role with Star was the opportunity to combine all her experience in a standalone role for an emerging business with a fantastic vision.

The first half of 2013 has been very busy, with many operational projects on the go at the same time.” In the second half of 2013 I plan to focus on how I can assist the business more strategically to make Star Pharmacy an employer of choice in the industry.

“Outside of work, I am a bit of a foodie and enjoy going to farmers market and trying out new recipes. To balance that out, I have started running and completed my first 5km fun run this year!


Amanda Lenny | Marketing Manager

With over 7 years  experience working at Global and National Pharmaceutical Companies, Amanda is now ready for the challenge of building a new local brand in a competitive market.  Amanda’s enthusiasm for marketing and events has led her to develop unique and successful campaigns, that reached thousands of people and raised significant funds for charity foundations.

1st quarter highlights in 2013
- Supporting local school activities & helping to raise funds for new technology and equipment
- New Loyalty Rewards Program
- Partnering with local fitness centres to be the destination point for Nutritional Products

My goal for this year is to take our brand to be leaders in this industry, striving to become Pharmacy of the Year.

“When I’m not in the office, I’m leading group fitness classes and boot camps for pharmaceutical companies. Our tagline better health solutions is a part of who I am. I live and breathe health and fitness and will work towards building a happier and healthier community for all Star Pharmacy Staff and Customers.”


Brooke Grant | Graphic Designer

More than just a graphic designer, Brooke’s creativity has taken her beyond just finished art and photo-editing. Having been lucky enough over the last 7 years to work under mentors that have both educated and inspired, Brooke has gone on to; art direction at major retailer photo shoots, corporate and retail design, management of full scale catalogue programs and is now working with the innovative new pharmacy group, Star Pharmacy.

1st quarter highlights in 2013
- Shaping our brand and exploring retail design from a local aspect.
- Directing a 2 day photo shoot for our promotional material.
- Furthering my knowledge in online design and social media.

My goal for the year is to create unique and inspiring campaigns, no matter what format.

“Music is another passion of mine and juggling this ‘one day we’ll make it’ lifestyle with my husband is hectic, especially with our second baby on the way! Between work, music and life, I take comfort in knowing I have the right advice at my fingertips. Star Pharmacy has built the perfect pharmacy model for families and I ensure our promotional material highlights this.


Burnice Sheane Smith | Cosmetics Coordinator
Star Pharmacy Kew

With 20 years experience in the Cosmetics industry I came to Kew 7 years ago.  Working at David Jones for Chanel and Christian Dior, I have over the years completed extensive training in customer service, bringing this knowledge to Kew I have established a trust and loyalty with existing customers.

With our exciting new store in Kew and continued high standard in service and product knowledge in all our Prestige brands, we can only build and establish a store which new customers will want to return.


Olivia Litras | Partner & Pharmacist Manager
Star Pharmacy Middle Park

Olivia completed a Bachelor of Pharmacy (B.Pharm Hon) at Monash University in 2005, and since then has worked hard to provide exceptional health advice and support for a range of different customers.

Whilst undertaking her undergraduate degree, Olivia began to work as a pharmacy student at a local community pharmacy, learning basic pharmaceutical principles and practices. Olivia’s commitment and hard work landed her a traineeship at the prestigious Peter MacCallum Cancer Institute, where she further developed her skills and experience.

Upon the completion of her degree, Olivia was offered a full time position at a local community pharmacy where she worked for a number of years. Olivia demonstrated exceptional leadership and managerial skills, and after a short time purchased her own pharmacies leading a large team of staff and building a positive repour with her clientele.

Central to Olivia’s ideology is the provision of exemplary customer service, coupled with excellent health services and advice. Olivia has a strong commitment to working closely with her community, and all her practices are geared towards achieving this aim.

Now as proprietor of the Star Pharmacy Middle Park, Olivia is an integral component of the ‘Star Pharmacy’ team, providing better health advice and solutions for her customers.

Olivia’s goals moving forward are to expand health care in the wider community, by formulating community based programs with local schools, sporting clubs and affiliates. These programs will educate the local community about how to monitor and manage common health issues, educating people about diet and nutrition, and generally working towards a healthier lifestyle for all.

Neda Jamshidi | Community Care Pharmacist
Star Pharmacy Kew

Neda has been working in Retail Pharmacy for over 15 years and in this time has graduated with a pharmacy degree from Monash University Parkville. With experience in management and as a community care pharmacist, she has extensive experience with natural and complementary medicine. She is an avid runner, having completed 4 marathons and has begun the journey into triathlon. She writes a fashion blog in her spare time and is completing a Masters in Business at Monash University.

“I take the holistic approach to pharmacy, where everyone is treated as a unique case and given an individualised care and therapy plan – pharmacy isn’t just chemical medicine its integrative medicine – and that’s where you will find me.”


Caylen Duncan | Pharmacist Manager
Star Pharmacy Sunbury

Graduated LaTrobe University 2009
I have been with the “Star group” for over four years now. I started  as a shop assistant  whilst studying my degree, undertook my post-graduate training (internship) and continued on to managing a store under the owner Freda Barbayannis.

I come from a regional area, and hence customer service and getting to know my patients is my passion. Hearing from customers that return to the pharmacy to thank me for my advice is the best part of my job. Being a pharmacist really gives you the chance to make a difference in the health outcomes of patients; whether it’s giving good advice about taking their medications in the best possible fashion, or liaising with doctors and other healthcare professionals to actively make a difference to their treatment regime.

My goal for the year is to implement a range of professional services and health promotion activities  into Sunbury. By doing so, hopefully we can improve the community’s knowledge of healthy living and reduce adverse health outcomes.

“Out of the office I like to take up my own advice, keeping fit and staying healthy. Physical exercise is one of the best ways to deal with stress, and going to gym after work is one of my favourite ways to finish the day. I implore anyone whom is stressed to give it a go!”