At Star Pharmacy, we do not forget about our furry friends. Our beloved pets may also require medication from time to time. However, most medications are designed for human use and are not appropriate for animal consumption or sometimes the excipients used are not compatible. Compounding allows us to design medication appropriate for animal use in a variety of forms such as oral pastes, capsules, powders, liquids, chewable treats, topical and transdermal and all in a variety of flavours to make it easy. 

Most Palatable flavours by species: 

Dogs (canines)
Chicken, beef, marshmallow, liver 

Cats (felines)
Liver, Tuna, Chicken, Beef 

Apple, Grape, Banana 

Banana, Apple, Cherry, Strawberry 

Apple, Banana, Cherry, Peppermint 

Beef, Chicken 

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